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First Certified Scrum Master Course in New Delhi

July 5, 2010

The Scrum agile development process continues to gain popularity across a wide variety of businesses and products. Adapting Scrum as a software development and project management approach involves a paradigm shift from traditional practices.

With an aim of increasing awareness about these methodologies and helping our peers learn from widely acclaimed expert in the domain, Inphina is proud to announce first Certified Scrum Master Course in New Delhi on August 12 and 13’2010. We are organizing this course in collaboration with Michael Franken.

A word about Michael Franken

Michael is first and till-date only Certified Scrum Trainer in the Netherlands. Apart from being highly experienced Software Engineer, he regularly coaches management and development teams on Agile practices and principles. Michael has successfully introduced Scrum in many places in Europe and works regularly with Jeff Sutherland, Gabrielle Benefield, Henrik Kniberg and Tobias Mayer.

Michael has trained hundreds of people from organizations such as KLM, ING Bank, Cap Gemini, IBM, Philips, ABN Amro, McKinsey, Logica, Atos Origin to name a few. He is the founder and chairman of Agileholland.com and a former board member of Agile Consortium Benelux.

Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum very strongly recommends Michael :

“Several years ago Michael asked me to help [...] implement Scrum in the Netherlands and India. Since then we have worked together and the teams he originated are now some of the best in the world with papers published at Agile 2008 and accepted for Agile 2009. A couple of years ago, Michael started his own company, Zilverline, and asked me to train with him in the Amsterdam area. We have done several courses together and I can enthusiastically say that Michael is one of the best trainers I have worked with.”

Interested in attending the course

You can register online or find more information about the course at CSM, New Delhi. Looking forward to seeing you at the course and fruitful 2 days of learning.

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