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Starting Akka Project With SBT 0.10

August 16, 2011 2 comments

I was starting with Akka project with SBT but found that the latest SBT is quite different from before.

I tried to create AKKA project with latest SBT but got stuck. Old SBT used to ask to create a new project in case it did not find any in the directory. With new SBT it is not the case. If you want to know how to go about creating new Akka project with SBT read on.

After installing SBT if we type in sbt in the command prompt in an empty directory, this is what we are likely to see.

In order to create project execute the following commands in the sbt session.

> set name := "AkkaQuickStart"
> set version := "1.0"
> set scalaVersion := "2.9.0-1"
> session save
> exit

We should get the following output if we type the above mentioned commands in sbt session.

SBT creates files and directories when we executed the commands. It creates build.sbt and it contains the same values we typed in sbt session. Other directories like target and project are of little consequence to us.

Project directory will become important later when we will try to add sbteclipse plugin. My project directory contains the following subdirectories and files.

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